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The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists is the professional body representing over 3000 members in Ireland. The Society was founded in 1983 following a number of developments in the profession including the establishment of a university degree qualification. Over the years there has been an increasing public demand for the services of the Chartered Physiotherapist and it is the role of the Society to ensure that this demand is met by the highest standards of care.


The Irish Society of Charteed Physiotherapists will be a powerful, unified national representative body respected and recognised both within and outside the profession, as the voice of physiotherapy in Ireland.

Mission Statement

The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) advocates for the provision of a person-centred quality service that is accessible, effective, humanitarian, and advances health and social gain. We promote the profession, represent our members and support them in delivering the highest standards of professional care.

The ISCP will be member driven with strong leadership and good governance."

ISCP Working Logo

New-ISCP-logo.gif The ISCP Working Logo was a result of the ISCP Strategic Plan 2007 – 2011: Moving Forward Together. Representatives from each of the ISCP Branches, Clinical Interest Groups and Employment Groups were consulted and a design brief was drawn up. Marketing By Design (MBD), a Dublin based design company, was chosen to design the ISCP working logo. MBD did a wonderful job in signifying the Society and the profession through a logo which represents the human form created from the interaction of the initials of the Society. The logo represents vitality and movement, with the colours indicating health and Irishness.

ISCP Historical Logo

thumb_logo.gifThe design of the historical ISCP logo incorporates three devices. The first, a hand, symbolises the manual skills used which distinguish Chartered Physiotherapists from other medical professionals. This may also be read as a dove which is appropriate to our holistic approach. The second device, a book, symbolises our members learned qualifications and our continuing commitment to educating the public and ourselves. The third, a sine curve, used as a background, represents the electrical modalities we use in treatment.

This logo was adopted in 1983 and was applied to all ISCP material until 2008 when the ISCP working logo was adopted. The historical ISCP logo continues to appear on ISCP membership certificates, cards and badges.


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